Dancing with the Fire

It's been 22 years since the publication of Dancing With the Fire (Bear & Co). Though the book has long been out of print, I still receive regular requests for copies. And though my own practice of firewalking has slowed to a once-or-twice a year event, many others continue to lead firewalks, initiating thousands of new firewalkers every year.

Dancing With the Fire, firewalking book

So I am now delighted to bring the book back into print, along with pdf, Kindle and iBook (soon) versions. I did a full edit and am happy to say that I did not have to alter its theoretical foundations or any of the supporting science. Indeed, all that I've seen and experienced in twenty years of leading firewalks has confirmed the main contentions of this book:

  • that firewalking serves as a prime example of ordinary people behaving in extraordinary ways;
  • that the experience brings a host of lessons, especially in dealing successfully with fear;
  • and that conscientious practice of the ritual offers our world powerful support during these perilous times.